“The Vermont Way”

Vermont’s core principles and innovative support strategies are viewed as a best practice model nationally. While individual goals, dreams and transition plans will be different for each young adult, the core concepts of Community Participation, Individualized Supports, and Meaningful Choices should always be central to the transition planning process. Vermont strongly believes that these principles are the foundation for plans that support young adults with Autism to lead meaningful lives filled with connections, success and happiness.

Community Participation

“When people with disabilities are segregated from community life, all Vermonters are diminished. Community participation is increased when people with disabilities meet their everyday needs through resources available to all members of the community.” ~ Department of Aging and Independent Living

Individualized Supports

“People have differing abilities, needs, and goals. To be effective and efficient, services must be individualized to the capacities, needs and values of each individual.”  ~ Department of Aging and Independent Living

Meaningful Choices

“People with developmental disabilities and their families cannot make good decisions without meaningful choices about how they live and the kinds of services they receive. Effective services shall be flexible so they can be individualized to support and accommodate personalized choices, values and needs, and assure that each recipient is directly involved in decisions that affect that person’s life.”  ~ Department of Aging and Independent Living

For information on additional Vermont principles, please visit VT’s Department of Aging and Independent Living’s website:

Principles of Vermont